The Official Lenfi DAO Welcome Thread

Hello everyone! I am just looking to get more into DEFI in general, so I am exploring and learning the ropes in all different corners of the Cardano ecosystem!

Hey everybody hope your all doing well,
Its about time i joined so i can do my part in voting!

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Hello all been here since the stake pool! Let’s go! First vote incoming!

Hi Lenfi, wen Lambo? lol

great project. im new here but an old hodler.

Greetings to the community from Alabama (USA)!

Hello everyone, I’m Andrei, a construction engineer from Germany with experience in managing funds for major infrastructure projects. I’m drawn to LenFi’s NeoBank approach and its ability to empower users to leverage their assets in ways that traditional finance currently cannot. As a seasoned investor in real estate and capital markets, I’m eager to share my financial insights and participate in this exciting community. I’m always open to new perspectives and consider myself a lifelong learner.

Hey Lenfi. Big believer in your service and token. I use it all the time. I’m a cultural economist who grew up in London and live in California . I believe totally in cardano and its native tokens and native d’apps. Really looking for mass adoption … keep building. You are one of the great beacons of light in cardano.

I’ve been in crypto for many years. I was running a full Bitcoin node and I tried to mine it back in 2011-2012 (I’m still not financially “rich” tho). :smiley:
ADA holder since 2018.
I’ve been participating in Project Catalyst since Fund 3 as a reviewer (CA, vCA, PA, vPA…).
I’m also a Dj and a noise (music?) producer and I worked as a librarian for a few years.
Luv u, Lenfi! LFG!

hi, love you guys. wish you the best :slight_smile:

Hello , i’m Denis. nice to be here. forza aada :+1:

Hello from Dev Pool :slight_smile:

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Greetings, I’m Cerkoryn.

I do Web2 Ethical Hacking and Web3 degening. I coulda sworn I had the reputation to vote in polls here before, but I guess I need to make more posts now.