The Official Aada DAO Welcome Thread

The following thread is where we will welcome our forum users. Its primary goal will be to break the ice within the community and let us learn more about each other as we work toward improving Aada Finance.

Things you can include in your introduction:

*How were you introduced to Aada Finance

  • Where you’re from
  • Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests
  • Why you might be passionate about Aada
  • What you hope to contribute
  • What you hope to learn
  • Other

Hi AADA, I’m Gabriel, I’m officially a piano tuner, I did finace studies before changing goal… I have for life project to design and sell the best concert grand pianos… I own the Mazzanti Tokens Project : that has for goal to propose in various ways completely decentralized tokens… So that any joiner is considered in his right if he wan’t to buy/sell

I hope I can participate to lend these soon pegged by a virtual pool to there respective 1:1 materials


Don’t hesitate to contact me on twitter, mail, discord


Hello AADA community
I am a learner in the crepit world, DEFI, others.
I am very excited about AADA Finance


Hello AADA. I’m Yomismo i like this project!


Hey AADA! keep building!


I love Cardano and supporting projects on the ecosystem. Lenfi sounds like a great product and I can’t wait to learn more about it and the rest of the ecosystem.


Hey hey, hope every one is good. Here to participate in Governance

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Love this App. Do I need to stake AADA to participate in votes ?

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Hey everyone remember to be sensible with your funds cardano is going to have a special bullrun


Solid advice! So much happened in the eco system in past 2 years.

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Hey everyone,

I’m a neuroscientist interested in how psychedelics help mental health. I’m learning crypto so I can make more money to fund scientific studies.

I’m joining this forum to participate in governance because I believe AADA is an awesome project.

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Hello AADA community. Greetings from Gdańsk (Poland)

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Hey y’all! Happy to be here and participate in governance!

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Ayo! Happy to be here and to participate in governance

Excited to learn about Defi. Happy to be here.

Family member told me about the asset.

Hello guys, My name is Gabriel and im from Brazil! background in system information and a crypto enthusiast. Love to be a part of this community. keep rocking team

I’ve been following you for about a year and a half. I feel Cardano DeFi is going to explode soon. Your V2 has me super pumped! Wen, Wen, Wen, Wen V2 haha. I know audits are very very important.