Talk Proposal - Min AADA Deposit Needed for lending pool creation

Here is an (AADA) utility for the Lending Pool Creators

Anyone can be a Lending Pool creator which could lead to more network and server resource been used which lead to extra expense for the protocol and possible spamming of lending pools.

When creating a pool Lenders will require to deposit 250 or 500AADA, Which ever amount we go decide to implement as a DAO.
In return for depositing 250 or 500AADA Pool creator would be rewarded with discount off protocol fees and other pool rewards.

Pool Maker - Create pool - Deposit AADA - Deposit Liquidity Asset - Receive Pool Owner NFT.

Risk - What if the pool owner no longer wants the pool and would like is AADA? Deposit? Well if thats the case they could sell the pool NFT to redeem the deposit and asset.

If user Act as a bad actor they can risk loosing 50% to 100% of AADA Deposit which will then be paid back 50/50 to protocol treasury and that pool Lenders and Borrowers!

Whats everyone thoughts? This is to added in the pool lending V2 right after release