Proposal: Whitelist $SPLASH as a Borrowable and Collateral Asset on Lenfi

Proposal: Add SPLASH as collateral and borrowable asset to Lenfi

Proposal Description

I would like to add SPLASH to Lenfi as a collateral and borrowable asset.

Short Summary

SPLASH is the governance token of the SPLASH protocol, an advanced decentralized exchange on Cardano seeking to bring value to its users from a more efficient market-making and trading point of view. Having the utility token of one of the most promising Dex projects on Cardano listed on LENFI will benefit both LENFI and SPLASH users.

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  1. Who is posting the proposal?

A community member.

  1. Project and token overview

As stated on the SPLASH website itself SPLASH is: “a decentralized exchange for Cardano Native Assets. Unlike centralized exchanges that match buy and sell orders (aka CLOB exchanges), or constant product Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchanges, Splash uses different types of AMM liquidity pools, the Temporal Liquidity Book (TLB), and combines them all. This allows different types of market makers to earn interest by providing liquidity as efficiently as they want, and traders to benefit from the best prices by tapping all liquidity in a single order. This approach opens up limitless opportunities for both sides of the market”.

SPLASH especially offers the following advantages:

• Fast, transparent, and decentralized off-chain order execution

• Composability: Ability to combine order book and AMM liquidity sources in a single order

• Various types of configurable AMM pools for different asset types and purposes

• Wide range of order types for advanced trading

• Various automation tools

  1. Explain the positioning of the token in the Cardano ecosystem. How will it benefit the protocol?
  • Users will be able to supply and borrow SPLASH on Lenfi
  • Suppliers will be able to earn interest on their SPLASH tokens without selling them
  • Borrowers will be able to take advantage of different strategies involving SPLASH tokens like for example earning passive interests provided by the SPLASH protocol
  1. What’s the asset’s utility?
  • Earning DAO Fees
  • Controlling SPLASH Distribution
  • Voting
  1. Token data

This paragraph may include metrics regarding the underlying token, such as:

  • Tokenomics
  • Distribution

The total supply of 100 000 000 SPLASH is distributed as such:

Allocation % Amount
Team 10 10,000,000
DAO Liquidity 15 15,000,000
Voting Boostrapping 10 10,000,000
Sale 30 30,000,000
Rewards 3 3,000,000
Community LPs 32 32,000,000
  • Total Supply – 100M
  • Current circulating supply - 58M (58%)
  • Exchanges – Spectrum/SPLASH
  • Market cap – 16.5M ADA
  • Holders - 1407
  • 24h Volume – 2.9M ADA


Adding SPLASH as borrowable and collateral asset to Lenfi is a key move as SPLASH has the potential to be a leading decentralized and open-sourced exchange on Cardano.



lets get this over the finish line, where is the community at?


add SUNDAE! sundae is more importantand