Proposal: Whitelist $NVL as a Borrowable and Collateral Asset on Lenfi

Proposal: Whitelist $NVL as a Borrowable and Collateral Asset on Lenfi

Short Summary

This proposal seeks to whitelist the $NVL token as a collateral and borrowable asset on the Lenfi platform. As the core token of Nuvola Digital’s ecosystem, $NVL enhances decentralized network participation, fostering stability, security, and diversified growth within the Cardano ecosystem.

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The integration of $NVL into Lenfi’s platform offers multiple benefits, such as enhanced liquidity, new staking opportunities, and further decentralization of financial actions within the Cardano network. This proposal aligns with Lenfi’s mission to expand its asset offerings and enhance user engagement.

Project and Token Overview

$NVL is integral to Nuvola Digital’s ecosystem and is designed to empower individuals to participate in decentralized network rewards efficiently. With a fixed supply of 21 million tokens, $NVL embodies transparency in the name of decentralization. Nuvola Digital supports robust and secure network operations by managing multiple nodes, thus ensuring the continuity and integrity of decentralized services.

Explain the Positioning of the Token in the Cardano Ecosystem

$NVL strengthens the Cardano ecosystem by facilitating efficient node operations and diversified network participation. As Cardano grows, the need for reliable node operation and network support becomes crucial. Nuvola’s operational strategy directly supports this by maintaining high uptime and operational excellence, which is essential for the network’s health and scalability.

How Will It Benefit the Protocol?

Listing $NVL on Lenfi will:

  1. Support the growth of the Cardano ecosystem by providing financial tools that incentivize and reward node operation and participation.
  2. Enhance the robustness of the Cardano network by supporting a company focused on decentralization and operational reliability.
  3. Increase the list of tokens available on Lenfi.

What’s the Asset’s Utility?

$NVL token holders can engage in:

  • governance,
  • staking for rewards (in the works), and
  • participation in securing and operating the network.

Token Data (07.05.2024)


Total Supply: 21M

Circulating Supply: 15.73M (74.9%)

Market Cap: 16,099,689 ₳

24h Volume: 1,669,108 ₳

Holders: 1,832


Incorporating $NVL as a borrowable and collateral asset on Lenfi not only diversifies the financial landscape of the Cardano ecosystem but also supports a foundational project aimed at enhancing the network’s decentralization and robustness.



This is looking great. I can not wait to see the results of the vote. Absolutely looking forward to see the potential of Lenfi growing.


Looks amazing! You guys def get my vote


NVL will soon be one of the top 10 Cardano tokens. Already in the top 20.
Its a no brainer


$NVL has my Vote.
Awesome DePin Aggregator project.
Already running Iagon Nodes & owns 2 $fact licenses.
Newly released partnership with Minutes Network.


Didn’t have to ask twice! My vote in on and it is YES!


You have my vote, yes.


Done! Yes for me, I want to see NVL on Lenfi.

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$NVL is giant. Lets get it some more liquidity.


Won’t let me vote, but my vote is to approve the proposal!


You need to view some proposal, read them. View at least 3 or around 5 minutes then you can vote.


I think this is a great idea i vote yes


NVL on LENFI will probably benifit LENFI more than it will NVL.
Its been a long time to see a project so well planned and executed.
Its still only 3 weeks old and already commands a place in history.
Anyone reading this…
Just watch this space and act now.
If you are reading this 6 months from now, when 1 $NVL = 1 ADA. Go check its price now…15ADA+?


Aye, NVL be a worthy asset for inclusion

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$NVL is definitely an asset worth having in your platform!

Good work from you people

This is great voting YES