Proposal to add bankcoinada as borrowable token on aada finace v1

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I would like to add $BANCOINADS as a borrowable asset in Aada V1.

$BANKCOINADS is the Newest MEME/GAMING coin on cardano with a lot of community support, their discord launched on the 21st of May and got 5400 members in a week, I believe we need this asset on our platform to continue to give the general Cardano community what they really want. Something Minswap always does and the reason why they reached 30 million ada volume in a 24hr period 4 days ago, most of that volume came from $SNEK. Let’s lead the provisions of choice of assets for the Cardano community when it comes to lending and borrowing so we always dominate this niche. 2023-05-30T04:00:00Z