Proposal: Require all users to pay a flat fee in $AADA per loan ( Turn On Fee Switch )

Hi guys,

I would like to propose that all AADA users are required to pay a flat fee in $AADA per deposit or liquidity request.

The flat fee should be $5.00 or $10.00 ( depending on community vote ) equivalent of $AADA to deposit and or request liquidity on the platform.

This will cause $AADA price to go up as users are now required to purchase $AADA on the open market to request or deposit liquidity.

The $AADA that is generated from the transaction fee is then sent to our treasury pool and redistributed back to the community either via staking or some sort of governance participation rewards or the extra AADA can be sent to the ADA/AADA farm on MinSwap so users can get extra rewards ( the apy % would be higher since more AADA will be rewarded )

If V2 will have the lending pool, then I think it would be good to have the same function, requiring users to spend $5.00 or $10.00 worth of AADA to take a loan out using the lending pool.

This is similar to the FEE-SWITCH that MinSwap governance has recently approved.

Look forward to your reply,

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I’m for this. 75% of fees should go to treasury and 25% distributed to those staking


Thanks for sharing ur proposal. I dont agree with this proposal. As paying 10$ worth of Aada as a fee it will make users use the app less. You know that the borrowers will pay interest to the lender + taking the risk of losing their investment, in case of low loans of a value below 5000 Ada that wont be beneficial at all. So I am afraid that increasing the fees to 10$ wont work as an incentive to raise the Aada price. And the demand on Aada in my opinion should be triggered by Marketing of the product, by making Youtube videos/Tweeter showing/educating users of how to make profit by shorting/longing using the App as I am afraid the awareness and the marketing of this product at the moment is not as it should be. We need a Marketing manager, there is no way around it.

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I don’t agree with this because I think it would make the product worse and create hurdles for users. Any fee should be completely seamless for the user imo.


Against this idea, this will add too much friction. Especially for small loans, this would kill the business and make people go back to centralized exchanges or competitors.