Proposal: Integrate Aada Finance with the Eternl dApp Browser

Proposal: Integrate Aada Finance with the Eternl dApp Browser

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Adoption through collaboration is the best form of marketing in the crypto space. In this regard, we propose integrating the Aada Finance protocol within the Eternl dApp browser. Doing so will not only increase the exposure but also the accessibility to the lending platform. Ultimately, it will give the protocol users a convenient mobile gateway to their loans.


Eternl wallet is one of the most popular and widely used Cardano wallets for native assets. Moreover, it excels in terms of development, providing users with the latest features in the industry. It supports in-app swaps, $handle integration, hardware wallet support, and the option to add multiple accounts.

Best of all, it has a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices. As per the roadmap, Aada Finance pushed its mobile application for the later stages in the protocol development. Still, it will significantly benefit from integrating a more accessible solution for its protocol users. In this regard, the Eternl dApp browser will provide three main benefits to the table:

  1. Aada Finance still uses manual liquidations, requiring frequent checks from lenders and borrowers. Integrating Aada Finance within the Eternl dApp browser will enable users to keep up to date with their loan statuses while on the go.
  2. The Eternl dApp browser is a functional replacement for the Aada Finance mobile app until the latter is fully developed and released for use. Mobile access will ultimately guarantee higher volume traffic and a better overall experience.
  3. As one of Cardano’s most popular Web 3.0 wallets, the Eternl dApp browser will help the adoption and bring in more users to the Aada Finance lending protocol.

Additional Considerations

According to the GitHub Readme, the Eternl dApp Browser may charge additional fees as follows:

  • 0.1% or 1 ADA (whichever is higher) on every buy order/swap >= 100 ADA.
  • no fee on list, delist, cancel, price update, etc.
  • no fee on buy orders/swaps < 100 ADA
Order Amount Fee %
100 ADA 1 ADA 1.0%
200 ADA 1 ADA 0.5%
500 ADA 1 ADA 0.2%
1000 ADA 1 ADA 0.1%
2000 ADA 2 ADA 0.1%

Disclaimer: The abovementioned fees are universal and apply for all applications integrated within the Eternl dApp Browser. In the case of implementation, the following costs will apply only when executing transactions through the latter. Protocol users conducting transactions through will incur standard fees.


Integrating the Aada Finance app within the Eternl dApp Browser will provide the protocol users access to the app through mobile. Consequently, this will improve the overall lending and borrowing experience by allowing everyone to track their loans, submit requests, repay or liquidate while on the go. Finally, granting access to the protocol through a mobile app will facilitate the adoption by giving additional exposure to the Aada Finance project.


:100: :100:This is an acceptable proposal CONCUR!!! :star_struck:

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About time!

Totally behind this proposal.

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thanks @neophyte for keeping up the pace creating new proposals!


Why wouldn’t we do this? Seems like a great idea. I personally use the Eternl wallet every day. Great app. Let’s do it!