Proposal: Allocate the LENFI tokens from buybacks

The following poll comes after a discussion of this temp check regarding the allocation of the 6,201 LENFI that’s been recently bought back using V1 staking rewards: Temp Check: How to Allocate the LENFI from Buybacks

I would like to thank everyone for their replies and input on the topic. After reviewing all the responses, I noticed a mixed reception for all options except for the burn part. In this regard, I am putting up a poll that will decide which option will go on-chain.

  • Option #1 - Distribute the 6,201 LENFI to the LENFI depositors in the DAO-owned LENFI/ADA V2 pool
  • Option #2: Distribute the 6,201 LENFI to the Minswap LENFI/ADA liquidity providers
  • Option #3: Deposit the LENFI tokens to the Safety Module and use them as an incentive.
  • None of The Above
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Hopefully safety module