Proposal: Add VNM as a borrow and collateral option

Short Summary

Platypus Cyberpunks is a business incubator that sources and builds businesses on the Cardano Blockchain. All businesses integrate VNM into their ecosystem as a member loyalty reward system that buys back VNM using business profits to regularly continue rewarding their customers.

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Business Roadmap

  1. Whimsy: Our first mission is to build a fully USA compliant fractionalized real estate investment platform that utilizes the Cardano Blockchain to issue factionalized shares of property as tokens. Starting at as little as $100.

Many still yet to be built:

[RoadMap - Paddle Pond Papers 1.0](https://Platypus Cyberpunks)


The collaboration between Platypus Cyberpunks (VNM) and Lenfi (lending & borrowing) stands to benefit both entities immensely. As Platypus Cyberpunks continues to build businesses there will be potential opportunities to Lend & Borrow into assets from those businesses.

Thank you to the Lenfi team and community for your consideration!

White Paper
[](https://Platypus Cyberpunk White paper)

Whimsy Lite Paper
[Introduction - Whimsy](https://Whimsy Lite Paper)