Proposal: Add the RJV token to Aada Finance

Proposal Description - This is a proposal to add the RJV token to Aada Finance

As an AADA Finance community member, I would like the RJV token added to Aada V1 as an asset for lending/borrowing.

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About Rejuve.AI

The revolutionary Rejuve.AI platform uses sophisticated bio-AI and aggregated data from millions of people worldwide to improve human healthspan and lifespan! The RJV token, initially minted on Ethereum and Cardano blockchains, is the membership token of the Rejuve.AI Network.

Rejuve.AI is a decentralized network that allows members to contribute to longevity research, earn proportional rewards, and gain affordable access to the latest longevity therapies

Rejuve.AI is part of the SingluarityNet ecosystem.

RJV Token Utility

  • Membership token of the Rejuve.AI Network
  • RJV tokens are earned by completing Tasks in the Longevity mobile app
  • Allows access to science-backed products and services to help enhance your health, and add additional data to the app platform
  • Also on the roadmap is participation in studies and clinical trials

Token data

  • Ticker:** RJV
  • Total supply:** 1 billion RJV
  • Circulating supply at TGE:** 66,833,333 RJV
  • Initial market cap:** $1,002,500
  • Private placement rate:** $0.0125
  • Public rate, community and DEX:** $0.015
  • Fully diluted valuation:** $15 million
  • 47,916,667 RJV-ETH tokens** (64.79% of the total supply) on Ethereum
  • 352,083,333 RJV-ADA tokens** (35.21% of the total supply) on Cardano


Adding the RJV token to AAda Finance will enhance the selection of borrowable assets and drive awareness of the lending platform among the Rejuve/SingularityNet community.


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Rejuve Tokenomics Deep Dive

Pump and dump with little to no liquidity, no thanks.

And with all that volatility, why not make it easy for users to short the token?

Because its dangerous for aada users… I could quite easily buy tokens to force liquidate shorts and then dump the tokens at a much higher price.

Perhaps, but RJV currently has more liquidity on Minswap than other tokens (Eg. NMKR and XRAY) which are available for borrowing and lending.

Check again, neither are available as collateral.

Didn’t mention collateral options, just borrowing/lending options, as is the prop for RJV.

Then you should make the proposal more clear this is to have it as a borrowable asset only.

And even then you still run the risk of being manipulated into liquidation due to thin liquidity.