Proposal: Add Rat token to AADA v1 as an asset for borrowing

I would like to add the RAT token in Aada V1 as an asset for borrowing.

RatsDAO’s vision is to give its members exposure to the new asset class of blue chip NFTs without the need for a large initial investments. Membership is granted by holding a RatsDAO NFT. The $rat token will serve as voting weight in the project’s governance and have additional utility.

We hold Clays, DeadPixels, Mocossi, SpaceBuds, a berry, and many other NFTs. Our treasury is currently valued at approximately 1.5 million Ada. Our community is large and diverse and has been in the Cardano Ecosystem for some time. We will soon celebrate our 1 year anniversary before the end of the year.

For more information, please visit the website below and join our discord.

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Hello. Could you add more detailed information so users don’t have to spend time digging for info elsewhere? You can edit your post by following the template here .


Hi, I will add more information to the post over the next couple days. Thank you for the feedback. If there are any specific questions, please let me know!


Yes, more information would be welcome here !

more info is definitely needed, not comprehensive enough

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has more info been given out yet?

No thanks. Don’t want to add shit coins to the protocol.

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Requires more information