Proposal: Add $NTX as a borrowable asset to Aada V1

Proposal: Add $NTX as a borrowable asset to Aada V1

Proposal Description

I would like to add the $NTX as a borrowable asset in Aada V1.

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Short Summary

NuNet is a computing framework that serves as a platform for powering decentralized networks with computing power and storage. Adding the project’s native $NTX token will provide a direct connection between DeFi, and NuNet’s global network of computations.

  1. Project and token overview

NuNet provides a layer of intelligent interoperability between computational processes and physical computing infrastructures in an ecosystem that harnesses the community’s latent computing resources into the global network of computations. The $NTX token’s primary purpose is to power and facilitate transactions between the different network constitutes.

NuNet: A Global Economy of Decentralized Computing

  1. Explain the positioning of the token in the Cardano ecosystem. How will it benefit the protocol?

The NuNet infrastructure enables optimal positioning of AI processes, interfaces and data within the global network. It establishes machine-to-machine payment and data streaming channels – thus minimizing costs of global computing and enabling novel business processes for the Data Economy and Internet of Things. Thanks to the $NTX token, users can utilize one of the many use cases of the NuNet platform.

  1. What’s the asset’s utility?

  • Triple yield liquidity farming on Minswap ($MIN, $ADA and $NTX rewards)
  • “Earndrop” campaign through DripDropz, which incentivizes $NTX by distributing more $NTX as rewards for holding 10,000+ tokens
  • Powers and facilitates transactions between network constitutes
  1. Token data

Max Supply: 1.0B

Total Supply: 1.04B

Circulating Supply (Taptools): 542.07M (54.2%)

Diluted Market Cap (Taptools): 154,077,999 ₳ (02.04.2023)

TVL (Minswap): 3.94M ₳ (02.04.2023)

Holders: 4361 (02.04.2023)

Volume 24h (Minswap): 164.22K ₳ (02.04.2023)


Adding $NTX as a borrowable asset to the Aada Finance protocol will enable users to borrow the token and utilize it more efficiently. Alternatively, the proposal will fulfil the project’s initial goal of offering the native token on the open market.


Sure, why not.

Still think we should also preapprove $JPG and cBTC for when they come out too.

i agree, along with iagon

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typo … or max supply is lower than total supply?

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