Proposal: Add more Tokens as collateral


Lets add more token as collateral to AADA finance as more tokens we have, as higher is the chance people can find a match ! = more Volumne = more TVL = more fees = more buyback and payout of AADA if V2 is released.

The big advantage of P2P lending is that we can use anything what has decent liquidity as collateral we need to use this advantage over pooled lending

Imo we should add minimum the well known ones which also have decent liquidity like:

$Society (Ape Society)
$Milk (Muesliswap)

I will ask you to read the guide on how to submit proposals Guide: How to create a proposal to add an asset to Aada Finance - #2 and edit yours with more specific information, reasoning and attached voting poll.


Mh thank you for your awnser. But i will not open now for any single token a proposal. (15 proposals)

Imo the community should see the bigger picture and it doesent madder if some people like some tokens or not, in the end of the day as more tokens can be used as collateral as more the protocol is used = more Fees and more TVL = More success of the protocol

The only thing what is debateable imo is how much Liquidity a token minimum needs to be added to AADA protocol.

If this is decided it should be a automatismus to add new tokens which reach this specific level of liquidity.

To be honest im really wondering why this has not already happend cause out of a buisness perspective its clear that this needs to happen, to use the first mover advantage, if all other lending protocolls have already launched this advanatge is gone.

I would prefer to not vote about it and just let the team decide it, this more rational, not anything has to be decentralized


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Submit a proper proposal.
This is a DAO.
Ask for something specific.

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