Proposal: Add $MCOS token to V1

We would like to add the MCOS token in Aada V1 as an asset for lending/borrowing.

Short Summary

Mocossi Planet is a Cardano gaming project, our gaming ecosystem includes pet care, farming, and strategic turn-based card games! $MCOS, our project token, is a native Cardano token that can be traded on several DEXs. As part of the game itself, players can earn $MCOS when they play, stake, participate, and lease.

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  1. Who is posting the proposal?

  • Sapp1er, a team member of Mocossi Planet.
  1. Our vision and mission

Our vision is to build the first and the best virtual pet and farming game on the Cardano platform where players can have the best of both worlds: be entertained and earn extra income.
At Mocossi Planet, we are committed to serving and enhancing the benefits of our stakeholders. We do this by providing a creative and enjoyable gaming experience to players and by creating protocols that allow all members to be involved in the development process while keeping in mind that Mocossi Planet is a play-and-earn game by the community and for the community.

  1. $MCOS’s utilities

Our goal is to increase $MCOS value while maintaining a healthy use of ADA in our payment system. In the end, $MCOS should serve as the primary currency of the entire ecosystem. Particularly, $MCOS will be our exclusive token for purchasing Mocossi’s NFTs, in-game currency, and upgrades. In addition, players can stake $MCOS for rewards or participate in the governance process.

Players can earn $MCOS through the following mechanisms:

  • Play . As mentioned above, players can play the game to earn in-game currency and exchange it for $MCOS.

  • Airdrop . By holding our NFTs, players are entitled to receive monthly airdrops, which run until August 2024 for ITO1 & ITO2 holders and August 2025 for landowners.

  • Participate . In the future, every time players participate in our governance decision-making through voting, they might receive a certain amount of $MCOS tokens as a bonus for their effort in building a stronger and more sustainable Mocossi Planet.

  • Lease . Holders can lease their lands and Mocomons to others and receive a certain amount of profit from the renting players.

  • Provide liquidity on DEXs . We will reward our $MCOS holders with $MCOS when they lock their tokens in our liquidity pool on Minswap. Besides, holders will also receive ADA and $MIN thanks to the operating mechanism of our strategic partner Minswap.

  1. Token data

Our tokenomics can be found in our whitepaper, at this section.


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Love me some $MCOS! Great summary of the token, please look into the whitepaper for more details!