Proposal: Add Louey as a borrow and collateral option

Hello Loueys,

We are proposing to integrate the $LOUEY token of Louey as both a lending and borrowing asset on Lenfi

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The Louey project is all about community and supporting other projects, we’re building a strong brand behind us, not just within the cryptocurrency sphere.

We’ve been live on Cardano since the 9th October and are steadily growing our support. We’ve just recently bridged over to Binance Smart Chain as well.

We’ve purposely avoided promoting the token in known pump and dump groups and instead focused on a slower, more organic growth for the project and now would like to partner up with projects that can provide utility for the token.

Being listed on Lenfi as well as being part of other projects will show the Cardano community that we’re not some memecoin looking for a quick buck, but that we’re here to stay and support each other and grow as Cardano grows.

Tokenomics can be found on our website as well as a brief project roadmap here;

As far as trust goes I am the sole founder and manage the project myself, you can find me on Twitter under @HeyStuClark

I am fully doxxed and not just within our project. My personal Twitter account has links to my real life business, there you can find LinkedIn accounts, contact details to my work email and mobile phone if you so choose to.

Liquidity for the project that was generated during presale has been locked within a multisig wallet with 2 other parties whom I have no real life affiliation with.

I’m always open to questions about the project and happy to answer any you may have.


2 votes only? What is Louey

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This one is a scam