Proposal: Add $IAG as an available collateral asset to the LENFI Protocol

Who are IAGON?
Iagon is a leading technology company based in Norway that is developing a decentralised storage & compute protocol. Incorporating advanced machine learning algorithms in conjunction with blockchain technology to provide secure, scalable, compliant and cost-effective data storage and processing which can be customised to comply with fast-moving compliance regulations.

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Proposal As a community we would like to propose allowing $IAG as an available collateral asset on LENFI, this will result in an extremely large and positive impact for the LENFI protocol and LENFI users based upon the following reasons:

Increased Protocol Audience Exposure - Iagon has an extremely strong & large international community around them, with over 14.1k followers on Twitter & over 8,500 token holders, $IAG is currently situated in the top 10 projects in Cardano by Market Cap, this community is unique as it consists of a joint audience of both Cardano & Ethereum users, which were recently migrated to Cardano when IAGON decided to utilise Cardano as it’s blockchain of choice.

  • LENFI Protocol will benefit from exposure to this unique extended audience.
  • LENFI Protocol will also benefit from increased volume.
  • LENFI Users will also have increased borrowing & lending opportunities as a result of the above.

Additional Protocol Leverage Opportunities Allowing $IAG as collateral will provide protocol users the ability to leverage $IAG, whilst also providing the protocol the opportunity to have an additional collateral token in preparation for v2 launch.

Collateral Appreciation $IAG is its utility for the Iagon eco-system. With mainnet fast approaching and storage being a fundamental in modern technology, there is significant opportunity for collateral appreciation, as a result this reduces volatility and will increase borrowing & lending opportunities.

  • LENFI Statistics & Marketing will benefit from all of the above.

The addition of $IAG as an asset class will allow for more Cardano community members to enhance a network of storage and in future compute. The ability to borrow $IAG and run nodes while earning rewards which can be of additional benefit to the protocol of both LENFI and IAG sustainability together as one.

Thanks for reading our proposal.
$IAG Community.

Iagon Blog -
Iagon Roadmap - Iagon Roadmap 2023-2025
Iagon European Patent - [EPO - European publication server](https://European Patent)


Solid proposal

I can see a lot of opportunities here.

  1. Borrowers can actually utilise $Iag to run nodes this generates rewards which can then feed directly into lenfi ensuring any interest payments are sustainable for borrowing - helps lenfi TVL increase

  2. Borrowers of $Iag also run nodes hence securing the Iagon platform

  3. $Iag lockup and burn will only make the token more valuable in the long run

This symbiotic relationship is not only sustainable but one which makes both projects grow tremendously