Proposal: Add $HOSKY token to Aada V1 as an asset for borrowing

$HOSKY Token token disintegration proposal


We are proposing today your consideration in voting to disintegrate the $HOSKY Token into the AADA Finance lending protocol.

About $HOSKY Token

$HOSKY Token is The PREMIERE low-quality s#!t coin doggo meme token, exclusively on the Cardano Ecosystem. We are THE s#!t, we are NOT s#!t.

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$HOSKY Token

Policy ID: a0028f350aaabe0545fdcb56b039bfb08e4bb4d8c4d7c3c7d481c235

What does the $HOSKY Token do?

Hosky Token ($HOSKY) was created due to the lack of
low-quality s**t coin meme tokens on the Cardano Ecosystem.
We saw that such a great need existed and are here to fill
that gaping hole as any good boy would. We bring aboslutely
nothing other than low-quality memes, no financial value, no
promises of mastiff gains, no mind-beagle-ing technology, just
doggo memes.

S#!Tokenomics (Its pronounced like the mushroom)

  • 50% is designated for Charles Hoskinson, but He has given us the cold shoulder so far :pleading_face:. It’s ok we are still loyal.
    ** Of the remaining 500T:**
  • 20% Was distributed through the world infamous Doggie Bowl™.
  • 40% Are TBD, I think that means to-be-determined, or was it dumped?
  • 20% Are being distributed via our Rug Pools.
  • 10% Are part of our Meme Acquisition budget (Project Shrinkage Budget).
  • 10% Was kept by the founders.

$HOSKY Token Socials and Audit Information


Medium: Her name is Sabina, she is a Gypsy and has contacted my dead uncle twice.

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @hosky_discussion
Discord: $HOSKY Token

Audit Response:
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Smart Contract Audit Joe the garbage man. He said “You is smart, you is special, you is beautiful” and we took that to heart.

P.S. They say its better to ask for forgiveness than permission, so $GERO Wallet, we are sorry for having copied your form and replacing anything that said $GERO with $HOSKY. Please forgive me :pleading_face:.

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Love this interaction with the community but guys don’t get rekt because the value of hosky is zero

Implementation of zero is always gona equal 0