Proposal: Add GERO token to Aada V1 as an asset for borrowing

GeroWallet ($GERO) token integration proposal


We are proposing today your consideration in voting to integrate the $GERO token into the AADA Finance lending protocol.

About GeroWallet

GeroWallet is a Cardano wallet focused on lowering the barrier of entry and facilitating a seamless user experience. We are a team with extensive experience in software development, cybersecurity, design, and user experience aiming to onboard users to Cardano globally including both beginners and experts alike while raising the bar for accessibility needs.

The wallet currently provides a wide range of functionality including: purchasing ADA with fiat, Supports ADA, Cardano native tokens, non-fungible tokens, Audio/video NFT support, $handle support, Staking to any Cardano stake pool(delegation), hardware wallet support, multiple wallet creation, and wallet personalization/customization.

Moving forward we will be releasing iOS/Android mobile apps and a full dashboard with features include DEX aggreatgation, NFT staking, yield farming, lending and borrowing, and access to synthetics and derivatives. Instead of having to go from an exchange (e.g. Coinbase, etc), sending blue chips to a wallet, connecting to several dApps, and onto other sites and back to their bank account. This will allow for users to complete all their financial goals in one place while paying less transaction fees, spending less time managing assets, all in a UX friendly UI.

$GERO Token

Policy ID:10a49b996e2402269af553a8a96fb8eb90d79e9eca79e2b4223057b6

What does the $GERO token do?

  1. Token holders participate in the governance of the Gero platform, vote on proposals, and shape the Gero wallet/apps/dashboard
  2. $GERO is used for discounts on Gero platform transactions (e.g. DEX aggregator swap fees).
  3. $GERO can be staked for token rewards.
  4. $GERO stakers will receive a portion of transactional fees as part of profit sharing.
  5. $GERO will be the commodity used to interact with our platform personalization store (e.g. skins, avatars).
  6. $GERO is required to gain access to premium features(account analytics, tax tracking).


  • Private sales make up 24% of total tokens, vested for 12 months (vesting ended 5/17/2022).
  • Seed sales make up 12% of total tokens vested for 12 months (vesting ended 5/17/2022).
  • IDO made up 7% of the total token supply and was unlocked at launch.
  • Advisors receive 3% of total tokens, vested over 12 months(vesting ended 5/17/2022).
  • Liquidity is made up of 4% of total tokens and is unlocked at launch.
  • Team and developers receive 20% of total token supply vested over 24 months.
  • Ecosystem and community rewards have 30% of total token supply, vested over 54 months.
  • Total token supply is 500 million with a current circulating supply of ~278,655,774.

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Wallet download link: GeroWallet - Chrome Web Store



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