Proposal: Add $ENCS as a borrowable asset on LenFi

Short Summary

Encoins is crafted to be a privacy protocol on Cardano.

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Project and token overview

ENCOINS Core consists of the Encrypted Coins Protocol, i.e., the rules of minting and burning of encrypted coins and the software components for interaction with it.

What’s the asset’s utility?

  • Running a relayer
  • Governance

Token data

Max Supply: 15m

Circulating Supply (Taptools): 15m

Diluted Market Cap: 27,896,361 ₳ (25.07.2023)

TVL (Minswap): 796.32k ₳ (25-07-2023)

Holders: 1525 (25-07-2023)

Volume 7d (Minswap): 1.44m ₳ (25-07-2023)

We’d love to be listed in this amazing lending protocol, that has so much focus on community governance as we’re trying to build. Encoins will be the first privacy protocol on Cardano and being listed as a borrowable asset on Lendi is another step towards adoption.

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