Proposal: Add cPIGGY token as borrowable/lendable asset to Lenfi

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Project and token overview

cPIGGY is the token of the company Epsilon DeFi MB that combines traditional financial markets with the new financial capabilities of the blockchain.

We generate value for cPIGGY holders by investing in volatility-based financial products and creating revenue from the blockchain.

Profits are shared with the holders through our designed cPIGGY buy-back and burn system.

Our mission is to bring to Cardano blockchain an asset that has a continuous and sustainable price increase in the mid-long term.

We work with the vision that in the future cPIGGY becomes an indispensable token for any participant in the Cardano ecosystem.

What’s the asset’s utility?

  • Profit sharing
  • Investment asset

Token data

No ICO or any similar distribution and fundraising structure has been carried out to fund the project, project was fully funded by the founders. All investors in the project are by direct investment in the market

  • Max Supply: 10M
  • Circulating Supply (Taptools): 10M
  • TVL (Minswap+VyFi): 318.25k ₳ (02-08-2023)
  • Volume July (Minswap): >2M ₳


We are a recent creation token in Cardano blockchain with a strong founding team with experience in leading roles in different Start-ups.

cPIGGY token has a strong Spanish-speaking community behind and we would love to be part of the amazing Lenfi lending protocol to bring borrowing/lending capabilities for cPIGGY to our community.

Our roadmap is simple and ambitious, easily understandable and already profitable business model, highly scalable and with low cost structure.



Thank you very much for your vote from the cPIGGY community!!


The behavior of its graph is impressive, we are facing an undervalued project, the big investors will arrive sooner rather than later!


congratulations for the great work and the great organization that is taking place with this cardano project.


I hope people will do some research on the project, not to be confused with a meme token. This project is about real finance.
Including this token within Lenfi, will be a win-win for everyone, and buying it before inclusion is even more so. It will be a real gem in the Cardano ecosystem.
Best regards