Proposal: Add $AGIX as a borrowable asset to Aada V1

Proposal: Add $AGIX as a borrowable asset to Aada V1

Proposal Description

I would like to add the $AGIX as a borrowable asset in Aada V1.

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Short Summary

SingularityNET is a novel decentralized platform for AI services on Cardano. It allows anyone to build, share, and monetize different AI tools using the $AGIX token. In this regard, adding the token to Aada Finance will facilitate bridging decentralized finance and AI services on the blockchain.


  1. Project and token overview

SingularityNET is a decentralized, open-source platform for AI services that allows developers to build, share, and monetize AI models. It uses blockchain technology to create a network where AI services can be easily discovered, accessed, and shared in a decentralized manner.

  1. Explain the positioning of the token in the Cardano ecosystem. How will it benefit the protocol?

AGIX is the native token of the SingularityNET platform. AGIX is used as a means of payment for AI services on the platform and a governance token that allows token holders to vote on platform decisions and proposals. The token also rewards participants who contribute to the platform by providing AI services or participating in consensus. The overall purpose of the AGIX token is to incentivize participation and drive the growth and development of the SingularityNET ecosystem.

  1. What’s the asset’s utility?

  • Users can stake $AGIX and earn rewards;
  • Triple reward liquidity farming on Minswap;
  • The token will be utilized in the Decentralized AI Marketplace;
  • Governance utility;
  1. Token data

Max Supply: 2,000,000,000 $AGIX

Total Supply: 1,199,121,857 $AGIX

Diluted Market Cap (Taptools): 69,907,542 ₳ (02.02.2023)

TVL (Minswap): 3.89M ₳ (02.02.2023)

Holders: 9056 (02.02.2023)

Volume 24h (Minswap): 810.97K ₳ (02.02.2023)


Adding $AGIX as a borrowable asset to Aada Finance will introduce AI technologies to Cardano DeFi. Moreover, it will enable protocol users to borrow $AGIX and use it in the AI marketplace accordingly.



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