Premiums on supplying/collateralizing $LENFI

How about, as a kind of generalized staking mechanism, to incentivize the preferential use of $LENFI as collateral on the platform, the DAO, through fees or otherwise, funds a premium on using $LENFI as collateral and/or providing $LENFI as liquidity. This way, on both sides of the coin, there is incentive to prefer the $LENFI token as the asset to supply and also as the asset to use as collateral.

  • Lender gets slightly higher rate for providing $Lenfi as liquidity.

  • Borrower gets slightly decreased interest payment for using $Lenfi as collateral.


I’ve made a similar suggestion to them(an entire business model for the dao) early march, but I think they didn’t even read it.

This was in my opinion a good thing to incentivize the active lenfi tokens. Active tokens meant the tokens used is any kind of smart contract. This would give an immediate boost to the token utility, increase the demand and reduce the circulating supply for it, which should help the price as well.