Hire marketing professional

I am presenting a proposal to advocate for the hiring of a full-time marketing professional, utilizing funds from the DAO. The chosen individual for this role will play a pivotal role in enhancing our project’s visibility and engagement.

Outlined below are the key responsibilities and suggested budget allocations for this proposal:

Key Responsibilities:

Social Media Mastery:

  1. Exhibit proficiency in social media marketing, taking inspiration from successful models like IAG.
  2. Demonstrate competence in creating engaging content on platforms such as X, fostering active user participation.
  3. Possess expertise in targeted ads and experience in leveraging YouTube Influencer marketing.
  4. Showcase a thorough understanding of key metrics associated with this form of marketing within our ecosystem and beyond.

Enhanced Communication:

  1. Take responsibility for improving communication channels, particularly on platforms such as Discord and X.
  2. Acknowledge the robust presence on Telegram and identify areas of improvement for communication with community members across all mediums.

Ecosystem Partnerships:

  1. Initiate and cultivate partnerships within our ecosystem to foster growth and collaboration.
  2. Extend efforts beyond our immediate Cardano community by seeking partnerships outside our existing network.

Cultivate CEX Exposure:

  1. Endeavor to secure exposure on various cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX), crucial in the current bullish market.
  2. Immediate capitalization is needed; hence, swift action is imperative.

Budget Allocation:

  1. 6-month contract, paid on a month-to-month basis, at $50,000 USD for the marketing lead.
  2. A separate budget of 10k-15k USD per month for paid ads (YouTube, Medium, X, etc.). Note this lead doesn’t have to spend all the proposed budget, it’s available to use at there discretion.
  3. Budget for CEX listings to be proposed by the marketing lead.

Metrics for analyzing success.

  1. Active Wallet Increases:
    Measure success through increases in active wallets.
  2. Marketing Reports:
    Regularly provide detailed marketing reports including views, clicks, new follows, and additional relevant metrics.
  3. Conversion Rates:
    Track the conversion rates from marketing campaigns to assess how effectively they translate into actual user engagement, adoption, or investment.
  4. Community Engagement Metrics:
    Monitor and analyze community engagement on various platforms, including comments, discussions, and active participation in community events.
  5. Brand Sentiment Analysis:
    Conduct regular sentiment analysis to gauge the overall perception of the project within the community and the broader market.
  6. Ad Impressions and Click-Through Rates:
    Track the number of ad impressions and click-through rates for paid advertisements to assess their effectiveness in generating interest and traffic.
  7. Community Feedback.
    Implement periodic feedback surveys to collect user opinions, suggestions, and satisfaction levels regarding the project’s marketing efforts.

By focusing on these key areas, the marketing professional will significantly contribute to our project’s overall success. I am eager to engage in further discussions and collaboration to ensure the effective implementation of this proposal.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Dirty Crypto Degen

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this would be better to add this to the team budget…