Guide: How to create a proposal to add an asset to Lenfi

The following template is merely a guide and might be subject to changes. It outlines the main points required to bootstrap a governance discussion on adding a particular CNT to the Lenfi protocol. Feel free to use the general template for any other proposal/idea you might have.

Proposal: Add [Insert name] token to Lenfi

Proposal Description - 1 sentence/rationale <50 words

We would like to add the [Insert name] token in Lenfi V1 as an asset for lending/borrowing.

Short Summary

Summary about the proposer project/token in 1 paragraph <100 words (include the day of writing)


  1. Who is posting the proposal? (a community member or a team member)

  2. Project and token overview

Give a general overview of the project’s central concept, vision and unique features. What problem does it/the token solve?
3. ### Explain the positioning of the token in the Cardano ecosystem. How will it benefit the protocol?
Explain how the token connects various projects/dApps in the ecosystem and how it can benefit Lenfi. Benefits can be outlined in bullet style.
4. ### What’s the asset’s utility?
Provide a short elaboration on the asset’s primary utilities (could be done in bullet style).
5. ### Token data
This paragraph may include metrics regarding the underlying token, such as:

  • Tokenomics

  • Emission schedule

  • Current circulating supply

  • Exchanges (CEX/DEX)

  • Other - 24h Volume/TVL, etc.



/Link to:/

  • Project
  • Whitepaper
  • Document portal (GitBook)
  • Cardano asset ID
  • Audits (if any)
  • Communities (Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Governance Forum)