Formation of the Protocol Outreach Group (POG)

Proposal Overview

This proposal suggests establishing a Protocol Outreach Group (POG) with a mission of enhancing and expanding the outreach and visibility of the Lenfi Protocol through educational and informational content. The POG members would be elected and compensated by the LENFI DAO. We propose that each receive a monthly stipend of 250 LENFI from the DAO Treasury to help ensure that they are supported to spend the time necessary to achieve the goals of the POG and engage with the community.

Objectives of the POG

Boost LENFI Protocol Awareness: Through various content formats (X threads, infographics, videos, articles, etc.), increase public knowledge and understanding of LENFI Protocol’s features, benefits, and developments.

Engage Community Creativity: Encourage community members and external content creators to contribute to the LENFI ecosystem by producing high-quality, informative content.

Enhance Community Engagement: Strengthen the LENFI community by actively involving them in content creation and dissemination.

Structure & Functioning of the POG

  • Step 1 - Nomination Poll and Proposal Voting Process:
    • Interested community members express interest in being part of the POG through the LENFI Forum.
    • After a time, the nominees will be listed in a Discord Poll to be voted on.
    • The five individuals with the most Poll votes will then be included as nominees to be appointed to the first POG. The five individuals must agree to have name put forth for a vote.
    • The Proposal and the five nominees will be voted on through LENFI DAO governance in one round of open voting to officially form the POG.
  • Step 2 - Plan and Funding
    • The elected POG members would first be required to present a plan and a proposed budget to the DAO for approval by a further vote.
      • The plan would at a minimum detail the number and types of incentives and how to compensate creators - e.g., through grants for voluntarily created content; accelerator/BDM firms operating on behalf of the outreach group; paid posts by influencers; commissioned infographics or explanatory blogs, etc. The proposed plan should consider different incentive tiers based on effort, the type of created content, to encourage the sustained output of quality content and productivity.
      • The POG members could both manage content creation by others and create content as provided for in the approved plan.
    • The POG has the option to select a lead manager of the group who will take the responsibility of coordination and planning within the POG. If the POG members elect to do this, the plan proposal can also include a request to pay the manager an additional amount of LENFI monthly to compensate for their increased responsibility and commitment to the POG.
    • The POG members would control any DAO-supplied tokens via a multi-sig.
  • Step 3 - Reporting and Record Keeping:
    • POG members would provide monthly reports on work done, work in progress, the effectiveness of completed work, and an account of the POG budget.
    • A defined tiered incentive structure, presented to the DAO, is crucial for the accuracy and appropriate management of Treasury funds for the future.

Proposal Request

This proposal requests that the LENFI DAO community:

  • Approve the formation of the Protocol Outreach Group and elect five members.
  • Approve paying a stipend of 250 LENFI per month to each POG member.
  • Appoint LENFI Labs to collaborate with the elected POG members to set up a multi-sig to receive and then distribute funds from the DAO Treasury, and otherwise support the launch of the POG. Funds owed from efforts completed before the DAO Treasury unlock can be back paid based on the account of grants owed for voluntarily created content.

Appoint LENFI Labs to collaborate with the elected POG members on a weekly basis to encourage collaboration and planning of future announcements and marketing of LENFI.


The establishment of the Protocol Outreach Group would be a strategic step in broadening the reach and influence of the LENFI Protocol. Through incentivized content creation, its aim would be to educate, engage, and grow the LENFI community, thereby strengthening the LENFI ecosystem. Your support in this initiative is vital for its success.


:joy::joy::joy: this a joke? Its identical to the Indigo version of this proposal with zero thought/effort to amend around Lenfi specifically.

This is exactly why we should have $LENFI tokens bonded to governance proposals so thoughtless, effortless, spam like this gets the OPs bond slashed :roll_eyes:

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No its not a joke. Yes I took it from the indigo model. I proposed it I don’t like the comms or the marketing at all. So I proposed something. This is how a dao works. If you dont like it fine at least Im working to try and improve the protocol.

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Furthermore, why have you been against the 2 recent proposals regarding marketing and comms? You are a moderator for both Butane and Lenfi. Moderators in my opinion should not be bad-mouthing proposals as you just did. Moderators should be independent and keep their opinions to themselves regarding proposals.

Would seem you have a vested interest in perhaps the outcome of these proposals being defeated.

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Thats harsh, whats wrong with having a working group? also i see other people copying lenfi code so why can’t the community use the idea of having a working group in the community? At the moment the team needs help… the communication isn’t where the whole community wants it. so i agree tha we need a small team of guys to be that bridge between the community and the team.

E.G- we need marketing done, we need ways to help the dao earn money… because if we all think printing money from thin air is going to do it then i hav news for everyone! Decentralisation is the name. gator just need to edit the proposal. because we need a working group asap


What edits would you like to see made? Thank you for voicing your opinion.

Whats wrong with putting zero effort into a copy + paste proposal? Its spam.

Either way why would we want to copy Indigo with their excessive emission schedule? Why cant people just market lenfi without the expectation of renumeration if they really want to “just help”

Only thing missing from this proposal is 50,000 LENFI a month to DC and we can be properly like indigo :roll_eyes:

I’m a moderator for Lenfi, my role at Butane is different not that it matters.

I am happy to back well thought out proposals with a brief, costings and a measurable impact to compare against.

The fact i’ve voted against the last 2 (3 if this can even be considered a proposal) is more a reflection of how poorly written/thought through these proposals really are.

It certainly does matter what your positions are. They are 2 separate projects. It creates an appearance of conflict of interest. Once again thank you for showing your bias towards a proposal. Your continued replies shows to me a conflict of interest and honestly its troubling.

As for the proposal, I am more than happy to amend it unfortunately you have done nothing but mock it. To me that shows you could care less about it at all. So if you have nothing positive to add or constructive this convo is not worth continuing.


It may matter to you because youre not getting the outcome you want. And tbh your opinion of what my role should mean only speaks further to your sense of entitlement. No, you have no entitlement to an easy ride off of obvious spamming of governance with low effort copy + paste proposals.

Amend it and make it a no cost position until impact and ROI can be measured. Include provisions for the dao to have the ability to immediately terminate anyone appointed to the position/call an early re-election for the whole POG. Also remove any of this redundant multisig nonsense. Then it may be a more palatable, genuine, offer to help the project.

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lets change it up and do amendments 50,000 lenfi is a lot


Ok after hearing from Dabbleu and others through DM allow me to apologize for having submitted the proposal. I am finished. I hope you all understand my position. The communication / marketing is not adequate or suitable for what Lenfi is working to achieve. This proposal was not well thought out but well intentioned. It has however brought light to what I now perceive to be conflicts of interest. That however I will remain silent about and deal with in my own appropriate manner.

Please put this proposal in the graveyard

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Lol Bro don’t activate drama mode and give up too fast
That said on top of the “copy/pasta” the proposal is centered too much on rewarding the POG and not enough on bringing “clear” value to the project

need to get 3 people to volunteer to meet twice a month and talk of ways to improve lenfi? each of those 3 people would have to collect problems and improvement ideas suggested by the community. they can also help with marketing. thats the simplest proposal i can think of

Activate drama mode. In the past 24 hours I have had my proposal ridiculed mocked called a joke, on top of all this I have been told I don’t support the team and am a trouble maker. They don’t realize perhaps they do realize and don’t care but they talk down to the same people who have invested their money to help fund this protocol. I have even started the Lenny lizard Army community so for them to call me a non supporter and a trouble maker is crazy. I have even tried to speak privately my concerns and they have blown off those concerns. I have voiced my concerns as a investor and as I stated earlier I am done attempting to help.