Deposit minimum amount Lenfi when creating pool (V2)

Because of the deposit, creating a pool will be carefully considered by the pool manager. Will also help to prevent ‘ghost’ pools that nobody is using. And will de-clutter the pool list which gives the dashboard a more professional look and feeling.

The minimum deposit of Lenfi token will give the token some extra utility.

The minimum amount would be 100 Lenfi up to 1000 Lenfi. 80% will be used as a plegde and will give a rank on the pool list, the higher the pledge the higher the rank. When the pool retires pledge will be returned.

The other 20% will be added to the staking rewards for stakers on the protocol.

I suggest you wait and see if you can garner enough feedback and engagement, and let me know if you wish to push the idea for a vote.


For now it’s just an idea for an open discussion.

I suggest you also take a look at this: Add a “Minimum AADA requirement” for pool creation