Create a bridge for projects to be listed on Lenfi (Only as borrowable/lendable asset)

Taking in a account that Lenfi soon will have competitors, we consider that it is very important to bring smaller projects into our protocol, to keep beeing a bank for CNTs.

We believe that the surge of similar protocols that can offer a bigger portfolio of lendable/ borrowable assets could dethrone Lenfi as most used leading protocol.

Right now Lenfi community is who judges if the project has to be listed or not on the protocol, this can work with big projects, well known by the Lenfi community, but when it’s about smaller size projects, it’s counterproductive, they are not interested in the project and do not want to know about it, in most cases voting “no” for listing.

To continue building the portfolio of assets, and to secure Lenfi’s leadership before the competition arrives we propose:

  • All the projects that want to be listed on Lenfi, they have the right to do it if they pay a listing fee (For example 10K ADA), this will give them the right to only be an borrowable/ Lendable asset with ADA, LENFI collaterals and will not have to go thrue DAO voting. All other desitions what to due with the asset on the platform will keep the same, under DAOs desition.

This would be a Win-Win for all the communities and for Cardano in general. There is many smaller size projects with engaged communities that need our platform and we believe they have the right to use it.

The listing fees could be shared with the community, used for development of the protocol, etc.

Also we ensure that we will be the leading platform with the biggest asset portfolio on the Cardano blockchain even when we will have competitors.

  • Yes.
  • No.

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This removes power from the DAO.

Hard pass, NO from me.


Don’t like the idea of paying to get listed. The protocol would get filled with lot’s of irrelevant tokens which would be counter-productive IMO.

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@neophyte this vote window has been left open far longer than the permitted window. Please can we conclude the voting and move the proposal to the Graveyard.

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