Changing Lenfi voing method to be more decentralised

Due to recent events that revealed the weakness of the current voting system, something has to be done to decentralised than it is now. Last voting on $snek showed that 8 voters with NO had the weight share of about 70% ( source is lenfi excel sheet).
It is complex to make a great voting solution, however a better one is needed as the current voting system prevents Lenfi from growing and hold its future as a hostage by few voters. Furthermore, having 1 wallet = 1 vote has its weakness too. Therefore I am suggesting the following:

1- In order to vote a wallet has to have at least 200 $Lenfi in your wallet at the time of snapshot, if not then the voting syestem will be deactivated for you

2- Your voting will weigh as 1 Vote. You have more than 200 $Lenfi your vote still weighs 1 Vote

If a whale has 30k+ $lenfi and want to play, then he has to split them to at least 150 wallets ( good luck with that :joy:)
If somene has 0 -199 $Lenfi and wants to vote, need to go and buy $Lenfi or shut the f*k up :joy:

I was here since Spetember 2022 and I hold at some point what was worth a little above 200k $ada of $Lenfi I still believe that this project is Cardano DeFI flagship and still didnt reach 50% of its true potentiel.



This is a silly proposal that has zero chance of being passed.


I agree it’s awful.

"If somene has 0 -199 $Lenfi and wants to vote, need to go and buy $Lenfi or shut the f*k up "

That can be applied to someone complaining about the whales as well. The voting system is fine. Like all voting systems, we need more participation.

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Ridiculous. Buy more if you want more vote. That’s how it works. Don’t complain because you don’t hold LENFI but want the votes the way you want them.

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One problem is that you’re viewing the move of assets between wallets as if they’ll use a gui, but if someone wants to exploit it, they’ll definitely use code and get as many wallets as they want

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