Bootstrap a Proposal Discussion (Guide)

Here’s a general outline of how to bootstrap a temperature check before making an improvement proposal. :ballot_box: :ballot_box_with_check: :inbox_tray:

1. Title: Describe what your proposal is about in a few words or a short sentence using the following format: e.g. “Governance Proposal 001 - Add feature XYZ the v1 protocol”

2. Description: Describe your proposal in detail. Your proposal should outline how it benefits the protocol and the protocol participants. The value of your proposal should be easily understood by reading the description.

3. Summary: Since many don’t have time to read through entire proposals, providing a short paragraph of 3 to 5 sentences of your proposal would be very useful. Think of this as a TL;DR.

Following the abovementioned steps will ensure maximum engagement and is thus highly recommended!

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