Add top 25 tokens by Market capital automatically as borrowing/lending and as a collateral assets without a vote

ALL top 25 tokens by market capital to be added automatically as lending/borrowing and collateral assets without voting

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Short Summary
Give the investors the possibility to borrow or leverage their top 25 tokens by Market capital without any delay which will increase the app usage

Voting on some obvious staff takes time and that leads to lower usage of the app and loss of business opportunities.
Providing the top 25 tokens by Market capital to be automatically eligible for borrowing/lending or provide them as a collateral. I believe that it will increase the App usage and the TVL. However, we can always make a proposal if some members of the community has concerns about a specific token and wants it to be removed, but as it is now it does not make sense to disqualify top 25 tokens. We can still keep the current format for the tokens that are ranked lower than 25 highest Market Capital but for the top 25 I don’t see why we should vote on them as they should be automatically qualified to be as borrowing/lending and as collateral assets.

Who is posting the proposal? (a community member or a team member)
Community member and a user of the app.