Add SOC as a collateral option on LENFI

I would like to make a proposal to add SOC (formally SOCIETY) as a lenfi V1 collateral option.

TAS is a well established cNFT project building a suite of cardano products for their holders (and others too).

Currently though SOC holders are restricted to using a timelocked and oracleless protocol for borrowing against their token with payday loan/loan shark style terms. We would like to give TAS the opportunity to take out predicatable, afforadable and longer term loans against their assets while giving them some security with a working liquidation oracle.

Combined Dex liquidity for the asset is in excess of 2.6m ada of liquidity and is already a borrowable asset on Lenfi.

Should SOC be added as collateral for Lenfi
  • Yes
  • No

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SOC is a great token and should definitely be added to Lenfi.