Add $OPT as a Collateral + Lendable asset on LENFI

Project and token overview

OptionFlow is an innovative decentralized option protocol, leveraging Cardano’s blockchain to
offer efficient and seamless option creation within a trustless environment. The protocol utilizes
smart contracts and Cardano’s EUTxO model to provide Option tokens in return for locked tokens,
redeemable at a fixed price later. This strategy successfully emulates both Call and Put Options.

OPTtoken utility

  • Utility and Governance
  • Access to Premium Features

Token data


By adding $OPT as a borrowable/lendable asset, Lenfi will benefit from a new TVL stream. Plus, Lenfi could attract new users from the OptionFlow ecosystem.

Add $OPT as a Collateral + Lendable asset on LENFI.
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  • $OPT Policy ID: 1ddcb9c9de95361565392c5bdff64767492d61a96166cb16094e54be