Add DANA to Aada Finance as a collateral option

Proposal Description

I would like to propose adding DANA to Aada V1 as a collateral option.

Short Summary

DANA is the governance and utility token for Ardana. The token is essential for the project’s development and the Cardano ecosystem. Adding it as a collateral option in Aada V1 will help bond the two communities into a healthy co-existence of peer-to-peer and peer-to-pool lending platforms on the blockchain.


  1. Project and token overview

Ardana is a stablecoin hub paired with automated market maker (AMM) primitives for an all-in-one DeFi experience on Cardano. The platform will issue the dUSD stablecoin to allow borrowing against locked collateral. It will also maintain Stable Pools, including a Decentralized Foreign Exchange (stablecoin forms of USD, GBP and EUR). The DANA token will be central in running Ardana, as it will serve as the governance and utility token for the platform.

  1. Explain the positioning of the token in the Cardano ecosystem. How will it benefit the protocol?

The Ardana token (DANA) is the utility and governance token of the Ardana ecosystem, which provides stakers with access to a share of the fees from Ardana and allows those who hold it to vote on changes to the project’s parameters. Users can exercise governance and utility value by time-locking their DANA in the Ardana Reward Enhancement Module (AREM). DANA will benefit Aada with its high trading volume and variable use cases, which make it a valuable CNT.

  1. What’s the asset’s utility?
  • Governance power
  • Stakers get a share of the fees from Ardana
  • DANA holders earn rewards by providing liquidity on Minswap, Sundaeswap and Wingriders
  1. Token data

DANA Token Amount
% of Total Supply

Token Sale

Exchange Liquidity

Founders, Team and Advisors

Ecosystem Development and Treasury

Liquidity Mining Rewards


Circulating Supply - 6,218,750 DANA

24h Volume - $57,123.75


Ardana’s all-in-one stablecoin ecosystem will be a staple for Cardano DeFi, which makes it an important part of every big project. Adding DANA to Aada as collateral will help both communities by increasing the token and lending protocol use cases. The token has high trading volume, which makes it perfect for Aada V1 as collateral.