Add $CBLP (Yamfore protocol) as a borrowable asset

Proposal: Add $CBLP token to Lenfi

We would like to add the $CBLP token in Lenfi as an asset for borrowing.

Short Summary

Yamfore is a lending platform with indefinite loan terms, no liquidations risks and no ongoing interest repayments.

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Add a usecase for $CBLP. Moreover, members of our community have requested it.

Project and token overview

With Yamfore, enjoy stress-free crypto exposure with no margin calls or liquidation events. Choose to close your loan position when it suits you best as you settle your loan on your terms, with no ongoing interest repayments

What is the positioning of $CBLP in the Cardano ecosystem? How will it benefit Lenfi?

Even though Yamfore is a lending protocol as well as Lenfi, we are not competitors at all, moreover, we’re both perfectly complementary protocols.

What’s $CBLP utility?

  1. Flat Fee: If you want to take a loan, you’ll need to pay upfront a flat fe with $CBLP.
  2. Governance: You’ll need to hold $CBLP to participate in our “Progressive Governance” where you will be able to change the parameters of the protocols, etc.

$CBLP token data

Total supply: 1B
Circulating supply: 370M (37%)
MarketCap: 7.2M $ADA
Holders: 1767