Add Cardano Doctrinal Gold, Silver, Copper

Hello, CD is a three Token project under Mazzanti Tokens under the Texier Acoustique company in France. This Cardano Doctrinal is a 100% decentralized and community project. Started off in a base locked pool (lp burn)

The policy ID is fed1c459a47cbff56bd7d29c2dde0de3e9bd15cee02b98622fce82f7

The tokenomics are completely decentralized …


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Can you look at the other latest proposals and flesh this one out with the type of data that is used in those? I don’t have time to search out projects and be sure it’s the right one before reading up on it. A brief synopsis of the project would be great!

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I suggest you follow the initial discussion proposal guide here and edit your post.
Otherwise, your submission will not be considered valid.

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