About the Governance category

This category will be used for general governance discussions and improvement proposals related to Lenfi. All proposals posted in the General or New Assets subcategories will have to pass the following criteria:

  • A minimum threshold of 100 votes.

  • At least 51% of the votes must be positive (e.g., 51% must vote “Yes” or “Approve”).

  • All proposals with voting polls must have the “Automatically close poll” feature turned on, with the voting being set to 5 days (equal to 1 epoch).

Only proposals that pass the criteria will be eligible for on-chain voting. Each proposal must indicate whether the on-chain vote will require a minimum quorum (i.e., minimum $LENFI votes to approve the proposal results).

Disclaimer: Typically, whitelisting proposals will not require a minimum quorum requirement. However, more important submissions will have a strict engagement threshold.


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