AADA rewards to incentivise members to submit more proposals

Lately, I have noticed many members of the Aada Finance community are asking, ‘when (wen) will the team make more tokens available for borrowing/lending?’ But, it’s not the team who makes assets available for borrowing or lending, it’s the Aada community.

If we want to make changes such as adding more assets, we need more voting. At the end of the day, new governance proposals add value to Aada Finance and strengthen its community.

So, let’s up the Aada DAO activity.

By incentivizing community members to submit proper, research-driven proposals we will speed up the process of adding qualified borrowable/lendable assets, new collateral options, and governance amendments to Aada Finance. The community is more involved, and the team doesn’t have to spend its time writing proposals for tokens, and new collateral.

More quality proposals from the community, more votes, more votes approved, more new assets available for borrowing/lending, and other changes approved.

*Reward suggestion: 30 AADA per approved proposal. Reward payable after the submitted proposal has been approved by an on-chain DAO vote.

So where does the 30 ADA come from? I suggest paying out through the staking rewards allocation. The amount would be nominal, and the investment would strengthen the DAO.

I believe paying community members for their time and ideas will be well worth the investment.

Open to discussion. I have more details on the idea.


Is there an example of when a token that was asked about was not put up for a vote? Personally I’m against paying the community to do a lot of things that people suggest. If they’re truly a part of the community we should already being doing these things for the health of the project.

It’s more a case of proposals not getting submitted for governance. I was thinking incentives could get more borrowable/lendable assets on the platform by boosting community participation in the process.

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Im against this proposal, people not bothing to make a proposal shows theres little genuine interest in that particular proposal being passed.

Paying people to post shit, for the sake of it, will waste all our times.

I agree besides; it can be easily manipulate by creating fake accounts.
I also think Its not a problem, people are making new suggestion but less people attend to forum voting.