AADA passive earning program

AADA passive earning program

Summary (TL;DR)

Introducing a passive earning mechanism will give the $AADA token a more sustainable utility. The solution aims to tackle downward pressure that reduces the token retention rate. The overall procedure encompasses the following steps:

1- Create a Governance stake pool.

2- Stake your $AADA in the Governance stake pool

3- Gain Voting power and Passive earning share by the formula (Staked amount x staked days) during a period. (Passive earning from collected fees)

4- Set a period by platform profit $ADA amount by platform activities by DAO voting.
- First buyback and payment will be done once platform profits reach 50.000 $ADA or every epoch depending on how the community decides.
- %10 Developers %45 buy back - %45 incremental for holders according their (amount x staked days) percentage in total.


This thread aims to introduce a simplified incentivize the holders’ strategy to the Aada protocol. The latter will tackle $AADA’s price volatility and serve as an incentive for the token holders. Last but not least, it will lay the foundation of the Aada DAO treasury.


The initial $AADA token utility was to serve as the centerfold tool of allegiance with the project, as well as participation and improvement of the protocol through DAO voting. However, those features proved too idealistic and insufficient to retain a steady token price.

Aim of this proposal;

  • Incentivize holders and encourage new holders.
  • To make $AADA token more sustainable


To counter the negative price trend and incentivize community members to hold onto the token, the platform will use the locked $ADA in the app’s smart contracts and delegate it to earn rewards.

Ultimately, the feature will help the DAO accumulate wealth while assisting Aada Finance’s native token in maintaining economic stability.

Benefits of the abovementioned strategy:

  • Utilizing the $AADA locked in the platform smart contracts in favor of the community.

  • Token holders will be incentivized to hold their $AADA and take part in the DAO more actively.

  • Token holders will be incentivized to hold their $AADA and receive part of the platform profit.

  • This will create buy requests and $AADA will be bought off the market, which will offset excess price volatility.

  • The DAO will be able to propose and increase the treasury holdings.

  • The DAO will be able to propose and increase/decrease $ADA amount for to set period of time.


thanks for your inputs. soon we will have more proposals aiming in the same direction (fee structure, benefits for token holders) than actual voters in this forum. some guidance/clarification from the team would be appreciated imo

  1. We have safety pool which is coming.

  2. I proposed a reward pool for normal stakers and you all said it would relase too much toke leading to sell pressure. So I saying this need a few think over. I like the idea.


I like it but look at my proposal it’s a similar thing.

Definitely like the breakdown

What does everyone think?


This maybe have side effects;

  • Buy bulk may increase price much so others sell and got profit.
  • We need to keep snapshots and calculate average of user holdings for period of time

Alternatively we can make it in every epoch. This can make share easy regarding amount people are holding for each epoch in 1 snapshot.

My Conclusion
I agree on that such a collective buy will push price high and some people would sell for profit indeed. YFI is doing so therefore you see time to time big jump on their price graphic. Anyhow they are still doing good in general whoever sell will lose their passive income rates and Its not easy to calculate as a trader which will be much profitable on the time platform using often by many user.

It maybe better to buy and share profit each epoch therefore treasure buy wouldn’t make much hike until platform usage increase. That’s why I mention on same term buyback and share in every epoch.


Would it make better sense to snapshot the wallet amount of AADA that way it maintains liquidity?
Or… Is S/C Locking completely unavoidable?

It is possible and up to community. But I think locked aada better way


I support this proposal.


This would be great !


sounds nice, incentives are always welcome and a good thing to benefit community


I like to wanchain liquidity

Very good start to a hot topic I will watch intently !!! As well I concur !!!


This would be a great feature and incentive​:+1::+1:

Looks like everyone happy with this one

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