Buyback Proposal #3: Implementing $AADA buyback mechanics

yes good point, i think we can match your idea with mine.
in the model i proposed in my messages above (jorgpanzer and gandalf accounts, sorry for using 2 accounts but cannot post a long message otherwise) it will be possible when the pool will have extra delegators incentivised with NFTs and not staking rewards. so in this model we could use delegators staking rewards for buyback program and give their rewards to the app users as well !!

i forgot to said that the 30% ada staking rewards send to treasury wallet should be delegated to the staking pool as well and its staking rewards should be used for buyback program.

At this point we are all just repeating ourselves let’s get the voting done cause the protocol is loosing money over this drawn out process. I loosing money which I don’t like people who loose me money with long talking

Number 3 proposal is perfect! When are we going to vote? This taking too long

I agree 100%. We must have liquid staking of collateral, no way around it.


Do liquid staking of collateral instead, like Indigo. This proposal is more of a crutch do get a similar (but not quite the same) effect.

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Ok I am a community member so here = Simple treasury

Stage 1

⁃ Platform Fee

⁃ Liquidation Fee

⁃ Ada Stakepool Fee


⁃ Safety pool Staking = Distribution to Stakers.


Stage3 = Pending


First Portion of fees Gathered use to buy AADA off secondary market and be re-distributed to stakers.


Second Portion of fees as ADA and AADA use to build The treasury chest which use for protocol development like v3, exchange listing and so on. (In instance we know the team has its allocation but we need to have a fees going into a separate locked pot for development in 10years time incase the team runs out of money!


At the end of the day all people want is a cut of the protocol profits and to see that the protocol is healthy. So this what every protocol offer!

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Two treasuries can make sense, one for the Risk Module the other for rewards for holders . I suggest the 50% for holders stay in ADA and gets split amongst stakers in ADA to prevent sell pressure if it was in AADA.

No need to do a treasury for holders, since you are distributing them. But what is needed is an intermediary address to collect all fees where you can balance ADA/AADA to be 50/50 prior to sending ADA to token holders, and AADA to the treasury.

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Quick one with this one can we use some of the buy back profits to buy btc and Ada while leaving some stablecoin in the treasury also?

Why have stablecoins? Because if there is a market crash or black swan which cause long term bear market we need stablecoins and btc to pay devs, cover protocol failure.

Treasury is critical! It’s needed! We want it so we can account for the money

Can we vote on this?

do you have an infographic handy by anychance?