AADA buy backs, treasury, staking rewards utility & Collateral

I suggest a proposal to use fees to buy back AADA off the market which will help with value of AADA obviously, then lock up the AADA in the treasury for future development which takes that AADA out of circulation, we could perhaps put it in a timed smart contract where these particular treasury doesn’t unlock for 24 months. This is a more functional and rational idea, better than these idea of burning coins out of desperation we need to focus on creating utility for AADA and not take shortcuts like burning. Let’s create VALUE for AADA. Please don’t turn us into a VC using our treasury to buy risky assets, then When the assets fail we are scrambling like GENESIS TRADING, ALAMEDA research and 3 arrows capital.

it might like kicking the can down the road, yes might very well be but that time gives us opportunity to continue to build more utility for AADA, launch V2 and perhaps V3. also the idea of issuing some of the AADA bought back as staking rewards is fine, just not a lot, 20% for staking rewards, 80% for treasury. earning staking reward off fees can be considered a utility of holding AADA. getting 10% off transaction fees while using the platform if you hold up to 500 AADA, getting 25% off fees if you hold up to 2500 AADA and zero fees if you hold up to 10,000 AADA. these are some of the utilities we can incoroprate. Obviously voting for governance is another utility. Let us never use AADA as collateral for pooled lending as FTX used FTT as collateral now look where they at. Collateral should be ADA and stable coins PERIOD. We. We’d to remove all other protocol coins as collateral.

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